Our vision

Our vision is to raise funds to be able to build an apartment block onsite that we currently own and operate from. This would accommodate our disabled citizens.  Providing a safe and convenient location for our clients.

Many of the people we support are reliant on the help of others to take care of the essentials in the day to day of their living. With the help of bequests and community donations, we hope to one day be able to develop an apartment block on our curent site, in order to accommodate the people we support, and help them with essential life skills so they can truly live independently


If you are in a position where you are wondering who to leave something to in your will, please consider The Disabled Citizens Society (Inc), who operate on Dominion Road in Mount Eden, Auckland for over 70 disabled people. Many people either have someone in their family, or know of someone with a disability. Life for many with such a family member can be a difficult task to recover their sanity - by helping the DCS, you are helping many families.

The DCS has received bequests in the past which have made a huge contribution to keeping the DCS going. We have been able to purchase items that have helped improve our circumstances over the years, such as the purchase of a truck to pick up and deliver contract work and pick up house-hold furniture and effects which have been sold in our second-hand-shop or on TradeMe, as well as a  van which is used for small goods and to carry people for work outside our premises.

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