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Where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities through meaningful work, life skills training, and lasting social connections.

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Empowering Lives Through Work

With our diverse, large group of society members, we can assemble and manage a team to fulfil those 'not-so-tricky', though, time-consuming tasks in your business. This is where DCS excels, doing repetitive jobs that our guy’s love. If you are a guardian, care giver or family member of a disabled person that may be interested in joining our team, please contact the DCS for an interview. 

Operating since 1943

The Disabled Citizens Society (Inc) was established in 1943 to support wounded war veterans, and with the support of our local Mount Eden and wider community, we have been able to help thousands of people over the past 80 years. We are a non-profit organisation that helps the disabled in our community with supportive employment, life skills and training.
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we are capable, organised, and dilligent

Many hands
make light work

If you have products or items that need manual assembly, we can help. Support us, while we support you.
Packaging your products in-house, or at your location, we can provide labor at reasonable rates, all while supporting those with disabilities.
Recycling and e-waste
We provide recycling and e-waste secure destruction. Phones, laptops, and other electronics.
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We’re here to help.

Do you have a member of your family or a friend in need of supportive employment, social stabliity, or other help? 

We also offer a range of programmes, courses and other activities to assist individuals to build their confidence, skill and links to the community.

Giving a purpose to those with disabilities

The Opportunity Shop
You never know what you might find household items and furniture, Clothes, plants, nick-nacks and more.
Packaging, sorting, recycling, dismantling, assembling, van/truck hire. Giving disabled people the opportunity to work and earn money.
How you can help
At The DCS, we help support people with disabilities. We are a non-profit organisation that rely on the support of the public and local businesses to continue the work we do.

People love our
Op Shop!

“Great deals and very nice people there.”
"Great service, friendly staff, and generally always a good find when I shop"
"Easy parking outside, or down side-street if needed. One of the better op shops around. Plenty of plants too"
"Lovely bunch of people, smiles everywhere and plenty of clothes and cool buys"