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Providing supportive employment

With our diverse, large group of society members, we can assemble and manage a team to fulfil those 'not-so-tricky', though, time-consuming tasks in your business.

If you are a gaurdian, care giver or family member of a disabled person that may be interested in joining our team, please contact the DCS for an interview.
putting it together


Have items that need manually assembling? Ship us the parts and give us a run down - we'll take care of it from there. Our diligent, capable and hard working society members can work either on your site or in-house. All work rigorously quality checked and assembled with love.
'the pack house'


A simple yet time consuming task, with the DCS, many hands make light work. Expensive, resource heavy machinery and operations to package products can be quite the challenge and is not always the most economical option to get your goods packaged. Good old fashioned hand-packaging is nice and easy, and with our supportive employment program, management is taken care of. Leave it in our capable hands and we’ll deliver the finished result.

Supporting us, while we support you


E-waste and Recycling

Help to provide supportive employment for the disabled people in your community by getting your old phones, laptops and other electronics safely dismantled and recycled. Rates vary on size, quantity and item.
How we can help

Flexible arrangements

We have undertaken a large variety of work in the past and have experience in most facets. We have a van and can provide hands-on-deck at your site, or in house. By utilising the team at The Disabled Citizens Society, you help to provide stable, supportive employment to the less fortunate in our community. It can be tough for disabled members of our community to find work, which can result in many not being able to 'get out and about'.

Through our supportive employment program, you help to support our society and provide our valued members with extra income. Packaging, recycling and assembling are just some of the helpful services our members can provide, as although disadvantaged, they are hard, diligent workers that are full of enthusiasm.

We also have two vans - one that does deliveries, and one is a people mover so that we can bring a team to your workplace. We also have a Fork hoist onsite so that we can lift off pallets and products.


Total Mobility Assesments

Did you know we do Total Mobility Assessments, The Total Mobility scheme supports disabled people who need to use public transport to travel, all or some of the time. If you or family/friends are eligible (a 50% discount, up to a maximum subsidy of $40 per trip) Come book an appointment with us.