Meet the disabled citizens society (inc)

Supporting people and their families
since 1943

One of the oldest non-profit charities in Auckland, New Zealand

The Disabled Citizens Society (Inc) is a non-profit organisation that provides support in many areas for those with, or looking after someone with disabilities. Life skills, a link to the community, supportive employment, social interaction and more. Many of our members have made life-long friends at the DCS, and the change that we see in the lives of others is what keeps the team at the DCS striving to do more. 
Founded in 1943 to support wounded, rehabilitating soldiers, The DCS has helped thousands of people over the past 79 years in a variety of ways.
“Supporting people that matter”

A supportive employment centre.

For a small team, we have accomplished a lot and continue to support the disabled
community in many ways.

Being a non-profit organisation, we struggle to raise funds to support the well-
being of people in various ways such as through our second-hand-shop, and
supportive employment programs, through donations and bequests. There are
many ways that you can get involved, and many ways that we can support you if you
or a loved one has a disability. Look at your family and extended families and
you will see someone who is a disabled person, not only by visual but can be a
stroke victim, have mental health problems and other unseen disabilities –
these are some of the people who walk through our doors looking for help and
support. DCS provides a ‘family’ atmosphere which all attendees enjoy and
who attend daily to enjoy the comradeship
79 years
And counting
of individuals and families helped over the decades.

Meet the team

Some of our key members at The Disabled Citizens Society (Inc)

John Sammut
General Manager

Murray Mansfield
Support worker

Nga DeGeest
Support worker

Sylvia Taylor
Chair person

Samit Desai
Board member

Yvonne Thomas
Board member

Gordon Lowe
Board member